Different students in different districts all have different needs. Carefully assess your students’ distinct needs and your district’s capacity and resources before selecting evidence-based strategies.

Districts and schools often have many options when it comes to addressing their students’ needs. How do you decide what path to pursue? Resources like the Ohio Evidence-Based Clearinghouse can help you find the evidence-based strategies that are best for you.

Once you start implementing an evidence-based strategy, you want to know it is working. Look at the data. Are you seeing the improvements you expected?

When you evaluate the strategies being used in your districts and schools, you are contributing to the broader understanding of how evidence-based strategies work.

Using Evidence-Based Strategies in the Cycle of Continuous Improvement

Finding and using evidence-based strategies is just one step in the cycle of continuous improvement. Understanding how that step connects to the other steps in the cycle will help you use evidence-based strategies to effectively support your students.

Ohio’s Evidence-Based Clearinghouse provides information and resources on how to use data and evidence within this cycle. Careful Planning for Implementation and Implementation and Monitoring are equally critical parts of the cycle. Check out Ohio’s Improvement Process resources to learn more about Steps 3 and 4 of the cycle of continuous improvement.